Seattle’s Top 5 Most Popular Athletes

Two years ago I ranked the top five athletes in Seattle at SB Nation Seattle, after realizing I missed updating the rankings in 2012, I’m bringing some new freshly printed rankings updated for 2013.

5. Keith Price (@KeithPrice17), Washington Huskies Quarterback

Best known for: His smile

Keith “Teeth” Price enters his final season as the starting quarterback for the Washington Huskies. While there are a wealth of detractors who grew sick of his inconsistent play in 2012, the Huskies really have no other viable option at the signal-calling position. Statistically, sophomore year Keith Price might have set the standard too high for junior year Keith Price, either way, the pressure is on. Armed with a new stadium, Husky Nation wants results and wants wins. If Price can deliver eight wins or more he could go down as one of the best quarterbacks in Husky history.

4. Hope Solo (@hopesolo), Team USA Goalkeeper

Best known for: Attracting attention off the field by marrying Jerramy Stevens and posing nude for ESPN the Magazine

Solo is an appropriate name for the gold-medal winning goalkeeper. She’s become a polarizing figure, but she doesn’t care what anyone thinks. All that matters, at least for soccer fans, is her amazing play on the field. The former Washington Husky is considered to be the best female goalkeeper in the entire world. Yes, marrying Jerramy Stevens seems like the stupidest decision ever, but ever since the slight hiccup at the start of their marriage, everything appears to be going smoothly. Stevens is clear of all his legal troubles. Will Solo stay in the spotlight? She’ll keep it low-key by playing for the Seattle Reign in the National Women’s Soccer League while also preparing for the 2015 World Cup in Canada and then the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

3. Marshawn Lynch (@MoneyLynch), Seattle Seahawks Running back

Beast known for: Eating skittles and causing earthquakes

There is so much to love about Marshawn Lynch. We all know about his fear-inducing and punishing style of running, but do we know enough about the ‘Shawn off of the field? Let’s take to Wikipedia to learn more. First, Lynch is an avid grill fan: he loves gold in his mouth. Here’s a video of him buying a custom-made Seahawks grill. It’s an art. HE HAD A GRILL IN JUNIOR HIGH. While you and I had retainers, Marshawn Lynch had a grill. Secondly, a Marshawn Lynch corn maze exists. Last but not least, let’s enjoy this absolutely epic Kenny Mayne ESPN video. Applebee’s!

2. Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson), Seattle Seahawks Quarterback

Best known for: His work ethic and “Go Hawks!”

Russell Wilson is a human being that makes you feel bad for being lazy. I had a teacher in high school named Mr. Meza who was so passionate about teaching – that I felt absolutely compelled to always give a 110 percent effort in his class. Reading stories about Russell Wilson and then seeing him succeed on the field has this same effect on Seahawks fans. He makes us want to be better fans. It is mind-blowing he is only 24 years old. He’s won a Rose Bowl, he could’ve been a professional baseball player, he’s made the Pro Bowl, he is a devout Christian, he has a foundation called Power of the Mind, and he has three dogs and a beautiful wife. What did you accomplish by the age of 24?

1. Felix Hernandez (@RealKingFelix), Seattle Mariners Starting Pitcher

Best known for: Being perfect and his alter ego Larry Bernandez

King Felix is ours and you can’t have him. Ever. The 27-year old right-hander wants to win Seattle. He’s not ditching us. He’s not pulling a Ken Griffey Jr. and he’s not pulling a Randy Johnson either, we love him, and he loves us right back. Seeing him cry during his contract extension press conference was one of the most genuine displays of affection this city’s sports fans have ever witnessed. Who knew a baseball player signing the richest pitching contract at the time – $175 million – could churn out a humbling and unscripted speech. Asked at the press conference why he didn’t leave Seattle for another more competetive team, Felix replied, “I’m doing this because I love Seattle. This has been my life. This has been my family.” We love you too Felix.