Podcast Episode #3 (Feat. Danny Kelly of FieldGulls)

The Wait For It Seattle podcast returns for the second season with a new format, new editing and new jokes. Ok, probably the same old jokes, but the rest is new. Kevin Cacabelos, once of SB Nation and currently an intern for ESPN, teams up with Wait For It Seattle founder (sounds fancy) Brian Elsner to comment on everything relevant in Seattle sports today.

The new season also features a guest each podcast which will allow for less Kevin and Brian yelling into the mic. That is a good thing for all (although Kevin still has voice immodulation).

This week’s guest is Danny Kelly, the editor and lead writer at fieldgulls.com. Field Gulls is the best and most comprehensive Seahawks site featuring X’s and O’s breakdowns, in-depth player features, and everything else you can think of when it comes to the Go Hawks! movement. Kelly will break down the offensive line, the new hybrid DE/OLB position for Bruce Irvin, Marshawn Lynch’s workload and why Zach Miller is so awesome.

Kevin and Brian also discuss the Sounders inconsistencies, the best and worst Mariners giveaways and the potential new name for Brian’s unborn child.

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Wait For It Seattle Podcast Episode #3