Hawks Say “We Love Our Fans”, M’s Say “We Love Some Fans”

On the same April day, two Seattle franchises perfectly displayed their general sentiments toward their fans in a dichotomous fashion. The Seattle Seahawks, at the NFL’s direction, unveiled the new uniforms that they will be sporting in September designed by Nike. The Seattle Mariners sent a letter to Mayor Mike McGinn stating that they hate happiness.

The Seahawks’ new uniforms feature three colors: home blue, road white, and alternate “Wolf Grey”. Um…awesome. There are numerous shout outs to the 12th man in these uniforms including twelve feathers along the pant legs and twelve feathers on each collar. Now, these “feathers” look nothing like feathers, but that isn’t the point.


Native American apparently

The Seahawks whole mantra is appealing to the fans. They even made the uniforms with Native American inspiration to honor the original fans of the Northwest (I don’t think that made any sense). I don’t really see any of the supposed Native American influence, but there is some sort of feather in this sleeve right here.

According to comments on websites and the discussion on 710 ESPN this afternoon with Chris Egan and Jim Moore, the fans are quite divided over these new uniforms. Here is just a sampling for you:


These uniforms are sweet!  Serious upgrade.  stronger lines, more aggressive and bold.  They didn’t over green everything, left a nice combination of grey and blue.  I particularly like the white pants with the blue jersey.  Very nicely done.  In six months we’ll never even remember the “old” uniforms.  These guys will look sharp on the playoff catwalk.


Another sample:

I like most of them except the navy tops and white bottoms.  What happens when we play San Diego?  We look too much like them.  I didn’t like that the blue the Seahawks had the last decade and thought it was too dark, so I was hoping for a lighter blue, but instead got Navy blue.  I like the whites okay, and the gray pants are what I was hoping for.

Crap! What happens when we play San Diego? There will be so many turnovers.


These are terrible. Absolutely friggen terrible. I feel like someone punched me in the stomach these are so bad. Is there an organized petition against this atrocity? No way they can wear this trash in a game.

Wait, so you don’t like them? I couldn’t tell.

And lastly:

Why mess with a good thing?  the neon green thing reminds me of the late 80’s and that hyper color clothing and International News style stuff.


Hypercolor was awesome. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. I assume it is a guy as girls would never slam International News style stuff.

So the reviews are mixed, but the intent is clear. The Seahawks want to honor their fans. Meanwhile KJR 950 obtained a copy of a letter written by Howard Lincoln, Chair and CEO of the Seattle Mariners, in which he says he welcomes back the NBA, but only away from Seattle. This is a team that has alienated the average Seattle sports fan for years and somehow continues to do so. The Mariners believe that because they created “The Pen” last season and feature Ichiro designed t-shirts that they have captured the Seattle sports fan. You know what they captured? A whole lot of pissed off, resentful, middle class fans who are going to eventually say “enough is enough”. The Mariners are content making sure the Ichi-meter lady is happy and making fans like me more and more willing to sit at home and watch the team on TV. I want to watch Felix pitch. I want to see Ackley hit. I don’t want to see the dancing groundscrew. I don’t want to go to “Stich N’ Pitch” night when 7,000 women and 14 men are crocheting around the stadium. This isn’t your fan base Mariners. These are the outliers who you are so happy to please.

The Mariners say (http://content.clearchannel.com/cc-common/mlib/645/04/645_1333499301.pdf):

The proposed SODO location, in our view, simply does not work.

They site scheduling, traffic and fan concerns. They site days when the Sounders and Mariners both play as evidence that it is a poor plan. Are you fricking kidding me? The energy for a Mariners game is ten times what it normally is when the Sounders play that day. The fans go to bars. The fans are having fun. The fans are fricking fans, not families who high-five over the hydro races and the Dippin Dots.

Sign Me Up!

I am tired of the Seattle Mariners being a joke to the rest of the United States and parts of Canada. (Damn you Toronto!). My friends from other areas of the country laugh at the Safeco environment. They laugh at our inability as fans to call teams on their crap. People give Howard Lincoln a pass because we are a passive, liberal, nice city. Well you know what? DO SOMETHING FOR US HOWARD LINCOLN. What have you done? I am tired of giving passes. I once worked with a woman at a YMCA who lied – she lied – about getting donations to make herself look good to her bosses. She kept her job for another year because we couldn’t just tell her to find another job. We needed probable cause or some lawyering nonsense (Luis – help me out here). Howard Lincoln – this is probable cause that you hate me. This is probable cause that you hate the common Seattle sports fan.

Our NBA team was stolen. Now our MLB wants to ensure the only thing we can watch all year is Chone Figgins complaining and an inflatable Moose dance. Guess what Mariners? I hate the Moose and I am not too fond of Chone Figgins either. So how about you focus on making me happy for once? How about you provide me with a reason to root for your team and like you? How about you do something that appeals to someone other than Ichi-meter lady? If you need a model, go right across the street and ask the Seahawks how it is done. They could teach you a thing or two.

I Will Eat You Chone Figgins